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For those having provost with page turn when reading try turning off highlight connect in the speech settings.

New Issue When Reading Kindle Books on iOS With VoiceOver/Can Others Duplicate This issue?

Worked for me. ReaderAlso February 19, at 5: Tom Semple February 27, at Kim BookJunkie June 25, at Thx for the great info! Denny February 18, at 9: Nice video. Thank you for sharing your skills and ideas. John April 5, at 3: Cathy July 1, at Jennifer April 23, at 8: Thank you so much for sharing this — it works perfectly on my iPhone with the Kindle app.

How to add Audible narration to Kindle for iPad and iPhone

Serena June 16, at 6: Steven July 2, at 7: Nathan July 2, at 8: Joan July 18, at Video said he downloaded and Alex voice. How do you do that? Johann Sebastian Bach J. Bach Anon. Amanda June 7, at 4: Sue October 23, at 8: Thank you for your in-depth Instructions.

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Pat November 17, at Karen December 16, at 3: Who needs audible anymore! Thank you so much! Christy February 11, at I am noticing a new issue regarding the Kindle app on my iPhone 8, running iOS In the past, when performing a continuous read with the two-finger swipe down gesture the reading flow was always smooth.

In other words, VoiceOver did not pause at the end of each line of text, but only paused at the end of sentences or paragraphs, making the reading flow sound natural. The only other pause was when the page needed to be flipped but this was very brief and produced a very short earcon.

Read Aloud Kindle Books (or any text) on iPad

Recently, this behavior has changed. Now, VoiceOver pauses after each line of text, making the flow of reading sound more unnatural. I have tried changing the font and adjusting font size and spacing but altering these settings does not resolve the issue.

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Additionally, the earcon when the page flips is a bit different, sounding like the earcon you hear when opening an app, which makes the pauses between page flips more noticeable and jarring. This behavior occurs with all of my books. The one exception is when reading a magazine in text view, where the app behaves as expected during reading.

With VoiceOver running, open the Kindle app and ensure that a book is currently open.

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Ensure that the book contains more than one page. When reading continuously VoiceOver should only pause during page flips and at the end of a sentence. Hi David. Incidentally, you didn't mention the app version in your report, that is a vital piece of information in any bug report. It could be a book specific issue, or more likely, a device specific issue. But with the latest iOS Kindle app release it is pausing at the end of every line and is very disruptive almost not listenable. I am very interested in a solution also. This is happening to me too. Share this blog Share on: Since you're here Newsletter Get news, articles, advice and tips.

Sign me up! To do this go to: In Kindle Library with VoiceOver on, tap once on a book to have full spoken information about each title, author and whether the book is installed. Double tap to open the book and start reading from where you left off. Use a two finger swipe down to start continuous reading from top of page. Use a single two finger tap while reading to pause. Two finger tap once again to resume. Single finger tap selects a line of text and reads under the finger. Like Speak Selection only it gives context too.

Text-to-Speech on iPad/iPhone Video Review

Single finger tap anywhere to read that line. Two finger tap to return to library. Suppose you are in single line reading at a time e.

urytetuwazov.ml Help: Read Aloud with VoiceOver

Simply do a two finger swipe down to resume continuous reading. Three finger swipe right to left to move to next page, or left to right to go to previous page. All of these options are clearly spoken out. What does it allow you to read?